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Recording session for Elephant Song

So happy of these amazing recording sessions.

We had the pleasure of working with some of the best string players in Montréal under the direction of concertmaster Philippe Dunnigan. The recording facility, Studio 270, is well-known for the wonderful acoustic of its room and it shows in the recording! The talented Robert was at the mix console helms.

Charles Binamé, the film director, was also there.

We had a blast!

Meetings with a Young Poet

We just finished scoring a new feature film titled Meetings with a Young Poet.

A young poet, Paul Susser (Vincent Hoss-Desmarais), meets his master, the great author and Nobel Prize winner Samuel Beckett (Stephen McHattie), in a small café. The two men initiate a complex friendship that spans the last two decades of Beckett’s life and forever changes Paul’s future. After Beckett’s death, Paul meets Lucia (Marie De Medeiros) an actress who wants to play Krapp, Beckett’s most autobiographical male character. By opening himself up to this woman he will finally come to terms with Beckett’s legacy.

The film is directed by Rudy Barichello and produced by Pierre Even for iTem7 and is distributed by TVA International. It is expected to reach the big screen in 2014.

Creative music from Montréal

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